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Glow In The Dark Dragon Ear Cuff

Dragons are amongst the most powerful creatures known to man. Capable of shrinking to the size of a silk worm, and expanding to sizes large enough to fill the spaces between heaven and Earth, dragons represent goodness and blessings. Wear one of these powerful creatures around your ear. Glows bright blue when worn in the dark. Sold on Etsy.

I would make a Leah/Jacob mix except that ship causes me too much sadness and stress and I get icked out cause I always go to the imprinting on a freaking baby and yeah

Rosalie/Leah is a lot more fun, like it’s not all sunshine and roses cause obviously there’s some species feud stuff but once they get past that it’s all good (headcanon is that Rosalie and Emmett are devoted to each other but Rosalie is bi and Emmett is totally cool with it and with her and Leah YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME OKAY)

okay so I have a couple of fan projects for this week that I can focus on when real life comes crashing down around me

suddenly feeling an urge to make a Rosalie/Leah fanmix…hhm

thoughts? y/n?

I didn’t know they made a kids version of Tales from the Crypt! Did you also watch the animated Beetlejuice?

Yeah, I don’t think it lasted too long, but I think John Kassir still did the Cryptkeeper’s voice?

OMG YES! FORMATIVE INFLUENCE THAT SHOW WAS I wanted to be Lydia so bad. XD I actually saw it years before seeing the movie so it was kind of weird when I finally watched the film (but I love both).

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mini me

It’s me but mini.

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I used to read the books to my younger brother to scare him! And Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was awesome!

LMAO excellent way to scare a sibling, haha

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was such a quality show, and I’m so bummed cause Netflix has Goosebumps but not AYAotD. :(

Did you ever see Tales from the Cryptkeeper? It was an animated, kiddie version of Tales from the Crypt (lol obviously), and I don’t remember it too well, but I watched that too.

I actually had an Are You Afraid of the Dark board game, I totally forgot about that until now!

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Your world in the balance and you bargain for one man?

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tvd book meme ;; seven characters [3/7]katherine von swartzschild.

tvd book meme ;; seven characters [3/7]
katherine von swartzschild.