Some BroSan thoughts (possible unpopular opinion)


So anyone who knows me here knows I support BroSan for a BROTP. They know that I was super happy when there were actual, real moments between Bronn and Sandor in the show. I loved those two bits. I really did. But I think I took away something totally different than what D.B. Weiss wanted.

I did not come away from the episode thinking that Sandor and Bronn really are just alike. I have never really thought they were THAT a like. I certainly see some potential parallels and similarities, but at the core of each man, they are fundamentally different, IMO.

Weiss said that underneath it all they’re alike. I beg to differ. Above it all they’re alike. Like Sandor said, they’re both killers. Bronn might have more hobbies and content himself with other things when he’s not killing, but he is a killer. A big difference though, IMO, is that Bronn is far more at peace with this than Sandor is. Perhaps a little too at peace. Bronn seems quite at peace with himself - he’s thoroughly amoral (from what I’ve seen/read). Sandor, OTOH, is not at peace with himself.

Sandor despises himself. He despises what he’s become, what he is, what Gregor and the world made him, what he forged himself into as a way to protect himself. In fact, I think Sandor’s words to Bronn are more out of self-loathing and a bitter resentment of Bronn than him really meaning, ‘Hey, we’re the same.’ Sandor knows, deep down, he isn’t just like Bronn, because he has compunctions. He feels remorse. He isn’t completely amoral. Sandor wants to be more than a killer, more than The Hound. Bronn wants to move up in the world and have a good time.

These are men who, when you look at them you would think, ‘Yeah, they’re a lot a like.’ But they have such different outlooks on life, such different philosophies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the BroSan dynamic, but I love it because they are men in similar positions, seem similar on the outside, yet are such completely different people underneath their status as warriors, as killers.

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