Okay, so my sister-in-law is coming over at 2:30-ish to pick me up. I think she wants to take me over earlier to have enough time to show me around and prep me on what I’m doing, I think? Which hey, that’s cool. I wish I had more time to bum around, lol, but I mean really, I much prefer getting some time to take in my surroundings, meet the boss, find out what I’m doing, etc., then get there just a few before the place opens and suddenly wham bam business, hope you know what you’re doing, jump into the fire. xD

Rob goes in to work at 4, so I’ll probably be hanging with my SIL after we’re done at work unless Rob is able to get off earlier tonight. But I should get to see the doggies, so that makes me happy. :) Okay, guise. This is it. Totally new job I’ve never done anything like before. I’ve never actually cooked at a restaurant. I’ve done salads and expo and deserts and food running. But this is new. And it’s a whole new place. Prayer circle this night goes well - I don’t even care if in the long run this place doesn’t work out, I would just like to at least have a nice time giving something new a try, you know?

Love you all!

  1. reaera said: Letme know how everything goes! Good luck!
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