I love Summer Isles sansan so much. So much. But QITN is more likely. Or at least Lady of Winterfell, where she can rule in peace for years like Ned did. (I personally have a grudge against “Sandor as lord of the Dreadfort” endings, I don’t *care* if it’s reclaiming it from the Boltons, I don’t want Sandor or Sansa anywhere near there. No. Make him a lord of his *home*, let him reclaim *that*. Please.)


QitN/Lady of Winterfell is way more likely but…I STILL PREFER SANSAN IN THE SUMMER ISLES, AWAY FROM THE POLITICS AND THE GAMES AND THE TREACHERY. I don’t know if they’d be safe from the others or not, but at least they’d be away from all the stupid politics and the awful game. Sigh.

I think the Dreadfort should just be destroyed.

Honestly, I just want SanSan together. I mean it’s probably not going to happen, they’re totally doomed and I can live with that just let it be beautiful, GRRM, please.

  1. nobodysuspectsthebutterfly said: Some of the really good Sansan fics have the Dreadfort as a plotpoint! But I swear, when I see it, I go “ughh” and have to plow through the fic thereafter. It’s involuntary. But yes, Summer Isles. Warm and safe and far away from politics and zombies.
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