TDKR spoilers and personal whining

(No, seriously, don’t read this. I haven’t seen the movie but I just needed to let out my annoyance over something.)

Damn it, I had zero interest in actually paying to see TDKR in theaters and then I found out that Bane/Talia is actually made canon in the movie and then I found out details about it and just…asdjklfhsdkljfhsdkfjghsdfg whyyyyyyy I don’t like Nolanverse that much and certainly not enough to pay to see it in theaters but I really love what I’ve read about Bane/Talia (which I thought was a personal crack!ship and then found out they actually happened in the comics only it got fucked up and Bane went psycho on her or something and now TDKR has it as something consensual and loyal and devoted and just…asldkfjdfhkjsdfg whyyyyyyyy).

  1. pinupvalentine said: I’m not a diehard Batman fan and am not in the know on current storylines and such but I absolutely LOVED TDKR. Went to see it yesterday and teared up about five times.
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