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In the books I noticed that his language got noticeably coarser once he left King’s Landing, and I wonder if that’s due to the fact that he no longer has to watch himself around his liege lord. He swears more while on the run/living rough too. Is that more a symptom of his (fairly dire) situation, or more that he’s just expressing himself more freely? What do you clever ladies think about that? :) And if the latter is the case, wouldn’t his inner monologue be more colourful than his speech, regardless of the circumstances? Enquiring minds…

I think it’s a result of the situation - after King’s Landing he’s almost always in antagonistic situations, whether in confrontations with BWB or dealing with Arya trying to kill him.

In Kings Landing he’s dealing with courtly people who, while he might like making them uncomfortable, aren’t direct enemies.

Either way, in specific regards to fic, I think less is more when it comes to swearing. I’m no prude, and I swear more than Sandor, but it’s very distracting to me to have to read around the curse words, since they’re often just there as icing, not an important part of the sentence. Curse words are great, but they should be used for emphasis, not as an integral part of speech, imho.

I think the Brothers Without Banners vulgarity did have a lot to do with him talking to people who’d shown keen interest in setting him on fire and stabbing him. I do definitely think that he censored himself while around lords, especially Cersei and Joffrey, and that he would probably curse more in his head than he did aloud in the throne room of King’s Landing.

I don’t have strong opinions about how a Sandor POV chapter should read, since of course, there’s no such thing in the books to draw from. I know from experience that writing from his point of view is hard.

I think I would prefer his normal calm internal monologue to amount to about the same amount of cursing that he used, say, in his less contentious conversations with Arya or Sansa? I’m not sure… I’m certain that it probably depends on the scene. If he was angry or thinking of something irritating, I think a sudden increase in interjected curse words is always appropriate (and usually so funny).

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