Anonymous asked: Well, it's good to know I'm branded a coward for not having a tumblr account and just spending time reading posts on tumblr. It really shows what kind of fans Sansa "Courtesy is a lady's armor" has. It's more ironic when the same people talk about Sansa's empathy and kindness, but they don't possess a shred of it.

You’re right, anon, I apologize for the assumption. You’re not cowardly.

Other than that, whatever. Liking a character and being able to discuss their flaws and traits and strengths doesn’t actually mean you share them with those characters.

Kind of like how I like Sandor, but I’m not an alcoholic or a not!knight that kills people.

Also, there’s a huge difference between not possessing a “shred” of empathy and kindness, and not displaying it with passive aggressive anons - whether they have tumblr accounts or not. Your message would have been passive aggressive even if it wasn’t anon.

I’m not in the main tags, I’m rarely in the Sansa tags, I pretty much stick to certain corners of tumblr and my own blog. If you’ve got a problem with me and my posts, it’s actually really easy to ignore me.

  1. nobodysuspectsthebutterfly said: If this person doesn’t have an account they must be directly looking at your blog. In which case if they don’t like what you’re saying, they can *stop* looking at your blog. It’s not so hard.
  2. lestarks said: JFC. We need to act like our fave characters to actually like them?
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