Ever worry that it might be ruined
And does it make you wanna cry?
When you’re out there doing what you’re doing
Are you just getting by?

- P!nk
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the fangirl challenge

five villains
- Kate Argent. Teen Wolf [1/5]

Some Teen Wolf thoughts

I don’t talk about this show that much (mostly because when I made my tumblr I was shoulder deep in TVD land), but this show? Awesome. I love it. It may not drag me as deep into fandom as TVD, but I actually think it’s a superior show. But reblogging that gif set has me wanting to talk about my favorite moment of the show.

Just - how amazing is it that the show lets Peter get his revenge? This is one of the reasons I found the finale so satisfying. Because Peter gets an ending to his story. He dies fulfilled. In fact, I think he ultimately was happy with his death - he has his vengeance, he made Kate pay, and then his nephew, his last remaining relative, is going to kill him. Take the Alpha title. His family will live on. Derek will be Alpha, he’ll make a pack - the Hale bloodline will continue.

How perfect is that for Peter? (If you couldn’t tell, Peter is my favorite character.)

Just, the scene when Allison finds him holding Kate is so powerful, to me. Ian Bohen’s acting was superb, and so was Jill Wagner’s. Now, while I abhored Kate Argent, it was because Jill was so amazingly skeevy. I had no problem with Jill’s acting or anything; in fact I loved Jill on the show. But she made me hate Kate, she made me hate her so fiercely. (I think if I go back and rewatch the show, I won’t hate her as fiercely; one of the reasons why I hated her was because I was terrified she would get away with her crimes.)

To me, Kate and Peter are counterparts. Kate might have been involved/using Derek, but her flip side is Peter - in a way by her own making. I always got the impression Peter was a normal, decent guy before the fire. So in this moment when he’s at the peak of his Alpha status, at the end of his revenge, holding her by the neck, this is Frankenstein’s monster about to destroy his maker. This is a man who has become a monster (and he knows it, too, even with all his reasons and rationalizing and justifying, he KNOWS IT) and is holding the monster that made him.

And I love how Peter is almost in tears. That little slip of weakness; the combination of the renewed grief and pain of that night so fresh because this is HER - this is the one that caused it all - and the triumph that he has her. He’s going to end this. He gets to deal the killing blow and take the last one out. I love the way his voice trembles, and the way we finally see Kate as he has wanted to see her all this time. Before she’s been the confident, smut, arrogant hunter that knew no shame, no ethics, nothing; she was a killing machine, and she killed his kind. But now she’s broken. She’s scared for her life, just like he had been those years ago.

Even though I love Peter, and Ian Bohen, I am glad that he and Kate died. There’s a finality to their story. It reached a satisfying - IMO - conclusion that a lot of shows and movies don’t let happen.

(Biggest example: Underworld. -_-)

As far as I’m concerned, they both had to die. Neither one would ever stop being a monster - and they were a balance. It was perfect; she was a monster first, and he died last. They were such a complete story, and I was so happy that killing her wasn’t handed off to Derek (cause I was super worried it was going to be). Though I actually would be happy with a show about them and their epic hatred and fued but at least for me I got a satisfying ending to their storyline.