SanSan + GMHB; for ofhouseadama

Merry Christmas, Emily! sorryitsuckshopeyoulikeitanyway

SanSan + GMHB; for ofhouseadama

Merry Christmas, Emily! sorryitsuckshopeyoulikeitanyway

ofhouseadama said: WAIT NO WHAT IS THIS A REPLY TO

Here you go, Emily:

ladysansas said: ngl when i first started following you i thought she was your real sister? ok lbr i only figured that out like 2 months ago


Emily, Em, look!

Haha, tbh that was actually something we started doing on purpose. And then we came out and confirmed that we’re actually just cousins.

ofhouseadama said: im trying to hold out until 9 so i dont wake up at 5:30 again :(((

Okay that’s acceptable. But do go to bed at nine.

ofhouseadama said: im at the point of blank staring and occasionally having strange trains of thought

I was like that this morning after getting home, before my mini-nap. I’ll probably reach that point again tonight. *huggles* You should go to bed, love, at least soon. YOU NEED SLEEP.

ofhouseadama said: i think you and i are the same amount of tired

*hugs* that kind of tired where you’re easily amused but easily ticked off and also prone to giggle fits over nothing and stupid shit keeps popping up in your head (or comes out of your mouth; or you actually type it down).

update from america





we’ve managed to fit the whole country into the white house. obama just ordered everyone mcdonald’s. we’ve put romney out front to stand guard and keep watch.

update: romney has been sacrificed to the mayan gods

they seem sated

you’re welcome, world.

#i swore i wasnt gonna reblog any of these #but this one is beautiful #although i know too much about mayan history and i dont think romney would be the sacrifice #the sacrifice was the victor of a ritual battle #and the loser had to live in exile in shame #so theoretically we’d sacrifice obama #this post was ruined by your friendly neighborhood history major

Emily, your tags *snort* (sometimes ‘well actually…’ historically correct tags make me smile)

ofhouseadama said: okay do i need to punch anyone

No, bb, but thanks. It’s just stuff that usually doesn’t bother me or get to me but I’m easily irritated right now cause of how tired I am (I love dog-sitting but I don’t sleep for shit when I do).

ofhouseadama said: wat

I’m tired and cold and there were a couple of posts that pissed me off so I just let out some steam.


true friends write you porn

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