This reminds me a bit of the scene in Kill Bill where the Bride stops assassin-ing, but… better, really.

Yeah, I guess it does. I was really thinking of Assassins and Hitman the movie and I think other generic low budget flicks on tv that are like that? Plus I don’t think of KB movies as “assassin movies: but revenge fantasy cracked out action flicks, lmao. xD

it’s an expression of elation. t e a m  w o r k. we got him.

Game of Thrones “YuckShips”



I can’t help it.  I ship Sandor/Sansa.  Hard.

However, like a lot of other Sandor/Sansa shippers, I wouldn’t even dream of anything happening between them until Sansa is older.  But still, people freak because Sansa is “too young” and Sandor is “too old”.  Meanwhile, people are shipping Arya/Jaqen and no one bats an eyelash.

I will get to Arya/Jaqen later, but first, Sandor/Sansa.  Please allow me to attempt to deconstruct the aforementioned gripes.

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