No one you know. This journal I’m friends with on LJ, who posts a lot of TVD meta that I adore, posted about wanting a new show and in the comments she and someone got on the subject of GoT and Cersei and Sansa were mentioned. The OP said she thought she might like Sansa, and the first commenter she was talking with said she liked Sansa. Then someone butted in with hate and gross opinions and it just pissed.me.the.fuck.off.

And I feel so angry at them, too, because I used to respect them and a lot of their opinions and agree with them AND NOW I FEEL TAINTED AND THEY WILL FOREVER BE GROSS TO ME.

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ofhouseadama asked: HEY GURL

1. First impression: fabulous, flawless SanSan stan!

2. Truth is: you are probably the only reason I was able to finish ‘They’ll Never Let You Walk Away’; also, you’re one of my favorite blogs. :D

3. How old do you look: I could buy you as 21.

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Oh yes. XD

5. Have you ever made me mad: Well, we’re sister-cousins, so you might have, but nothing that really matters in the long run. :)

6. Best feature: your mad writing skills. Though you do need to finish a few things. ;)

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: you’re on my squish list!

8. You’re my: sister.

9. Name in my phone: Emily.

10. Should you post this too? You might have? I’m not sure. But if not, YES.

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jesus christ tho. 50 shades of grey when we can have a good hades/persephone move and a ragnarok movie. w h y.




Hades is all dark and broody and shit, and Persephone is the whole innocent maiden thing.



sorry I’m having a rough night.

forever pressed that disney didn’t buy ‘I won’t say it’ to make Hercules 2

That would have been the legit best. Ever.


DITTO. And then “Chasing the Sun” by the Wanted will blast in the background as we dance off into the sunset. Are you in? Cause I totally am! :D


omfg maybe start looking for a new job? :( late period oh god, it could be the stress delaying it, that’s happened to me before :(

I’m sure it is. Sigh. I have a feeling I’m going to get it this weekend. When my dad’s coming to visit. So then my three days off will be spent exhausted, with a sore throat, and in my period - and barely able to enjoy my dad’s visit. :( so upset.

do NOT cut yourself off, there are people here waiting for you to get back! lol anyways, i wish i had someone to fangirl with in real life. my sister gets mad at me whenever i say the word ‘ship’ lmao
no feely bad pweese :(

I know. It’s one of those nights where I know that, but I don’t feel that way - where my emotions and my logic aren’t working together and I feel paranoid and lonely. I’m just so stressed and exhausted.

Rob’s sick as a dog, and I can’t do anything to help him, and I hate that. And I also feel restless and bored and want to get out and do something and hang with someone. But I can’t do that with Rob because he can barely go up the stairs without wheezing and coughing from this infection. I feel so bad for him, and I feel so lonely, and I feel so drained but also restless and stir crazy.


::hugs:: i love you


Love you too.

::hugs:: if you ever want to talk, my ask is open

*hugs* Thank you, love. *hugs*

have you given him Tylenol or any other acetominophin? It’s a fever suppressant as well as a pain reliever. He can take up to three. Also, fevers spike at night. ::hugs::

Yeah, he took two at eight. I’ll probably have him take two more at twelve and fix him some tea (I have a nice flavor that’s for help sleeping) with honey and lemon in it.

lol you probably have. “I Won’t Say It” and “Hope Springs Eternal” I was gonna say

I know I’ve read ‘I Won’t Say It’ but I don’t know about the other. It sounds familiar. I’ll check it out in the evening! I went through a huge disney!verse Hades/Persephone phase years ago.

I can give you Disney’s Hercules!verse Hades/Persephone?

I’ve probably read it (because I love Disney!verse Hades/Persephone fic, lol) but just in case, go right ahead! It’s been a while, after all - and even if I have read it, I’d probably like to reread it. XD


WOO-HOO! I’m so happy to get waterbending twice! :D Though earthbending is good too. :D

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I think people also have problems understanding that shipping doesn’t always mean sexual. Also that problematic things in fiction doesn’t mean you condone these things in real life. Since it’s fiction.

Yes, this is true.

But that statement is part of the problem. Because for some people, SanSan in KL IS sexual. Or they can enjoy it taking on a sexual nature. If they acknowledge how that is problematic, then I’ve got not issue with them.

It shouldn’t be about saying ‘oh but we aren’t like that’ or ‘we don’t see it that way’ it should be about telling haters ‘fuck.off. we’ll ship whatever we want to ship, however we want to ship it, it’s fiction, it’s fantasy, we don’t condone these things in real life, we’re staunchly against these things in real life, and that is what matters.’

I mean, I do get sick of shippy always have to equate either romantic or sexual in nature. Because no. Just…no. This is not a good attitude either. Plenty of people can ship something only sexually or only romantically or only in a ‘maybe in the future’ way. Shippy does not necessarily equal romantic. Shippy does not necessarily equal sexual. Sigh.

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