“You were the brother I chose.”

#imagine though #imagine if the baratheons had actually gotten along #if they’d actually relied on each other more so than they did on other people#the baratheons would be fucking /invincible/ #robert as the king and the champion#stannis as the military commander #renly as the politician that keeps them in the good graces of the people and the lords #they’ll be a giant force to be reckoned with against all of their enemies combined #robert wouldn’t have gone on such a downward spiral if he only listened to his brothers #renly would’ve never been a pawn of the tyrells #stannis would’ve never had to kill renly for the throne because renly would’ve respected his inheritance #all three of them combined they’d have the fear the respect and the love of the people #robert would’ve known about cersei begetting children with her own brother #(because stannis found out first and he told /jon arryn/ because robert would never have listened to him) #they would’ve gotten rid of the tyrells’ political machinery because renly would’ve told them about it#they’d have king’s landing and dragonstone and storm’s end #SO MANY THINGS COULD’VE BEEN AVOIDED IF THIS FAMILY WAS THE FAMILY IT COULD’VE BEEN#each has his own strength and they’re crazy good at what they do #imagine all of that coming together to make up an impeccable machine for the iron throne #they might have open war against the lannisters eventually #but if they’d work together they’d squash /that/ and still keep on churning #FUCK EVERYTHING