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“Be wary of wolves,” Lady Nym advises, “they’re known to bite hands—even the kinder ones.”

She might have replied, lions are of a similar nature, but she cannot forget, she cannot forget—Arianne clutching her so tightly, so fiercely, as blood stained the space between them,they will follow you, they will fight for you, but always treat them with caution and with courtesy.

“Still, I will go,” is her reply.

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When I was little, I wanted to be Cera from The Land Before Time.

I wasn’t anything like her though. (Actually, I was a doormat.)

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Random Game of Thrones thought.

I feel conflicted when I see book fans unhappy with Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane; because on the one hand I’m all, ‘But he’s so awesome! He’s half the reason I love Sandor so much!’ and on the other I totally get it because there have been so many times where I was disappointed by actors in certain roles from books that I loved.

But at least give him props for his voice. GUH HIS VOICE. (Maybe not raspy enough, but just, I.love.his.voice.)