Huh. That actually makes me quite happy/excited because I was never a huge fan of Jackson, and also makes Pydia seem like more of a possibility. Do you think they’re going to have a romantic relationship between Lydia and one of the twins?

I honestly don’t know. I mean, I think it’s possible she’s one of the targets meant for the twins to get close to, but I don’t know if it will actually lead anywhere. I hope not, personally, lol. But then I am biased, hehe.

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…wait, what? JACKSON’S GONE? Why is this the first I’ve heard of this???

Um, I don’t know? It’s old news, actually, but yeah - apparently something went down between MTV and Colton’s agent, so he’s not coming back. I think Jeff Davis said he’s writing Jackson off in a way that he can come back at a later point if it can be worked out between the parties. (I didn’t keep up with it well so I might be missing some details.)

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yeah, I’m crossing my fingers for lots of shippy pydia scenes in season 3. I have the sinking feeling that there’s not going to be many, if any at all, but I hope I’m wrong :((

IDK, with Colton gone and Jackson being written off and not recasted, plus the fact that Ian and Holland were sitting next to each other at the reading and there were some ship-baiting tweets made, I actually have a little more hope for getting Pydia interaction. At first I was a lot more skeptical but now…gosh I hope they’re not just being teases. XD

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omg this was great, I DEMAND MORE (but seriously, you should really write more peter/lydia - your fics are always perfect)

Oh, wow - thank you! (I’m really hoping that Pydia get some scenes in S3 cause if they get scenes where both of them are technically alive in their own bodies, lol, I might have an easier time writing this ship. :))

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I’m having the same problem. It sucks.

It does. It’s horrible. :(

I need a headdesk gif. Because it would be so appropriate right now. WORK, BRAINS, WORK AND LET US WRITE, DAMN IT.

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I’ll keep an eye out for someone who makes good themes, and see if I can find one that looks nice. Do you want a more stylized one or just a plain theme with a header and description?

A little more on the stylized side, but one where the navigation links (ask, home, etc.) are easy to find/see. I’m going to look around tomorrow when I get home from errands, but if you know of or find any that might work I’m happy for suggestions!! :D

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Yay! Just let me know if you need/want help running it! :)

Will do! (Got any good theme recs, BTW?)

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I’m right there with ya’.

See you when the smoke clears! XD


All Girls Are Werewolves: skagos replied to your photo: A beast? Medusa was beautiful once. So…


ugh STOP I HAVE SO MANY MEDUSA FEELS AND UUUGH and now this lovely thing isn’t helping. (also i was just reading the story the other night and i was reminded of my hate for athena - i just really really dont…

YES YES ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID X1000. I’m always glad when in portrayals of Perseus and The Medusa that they actually include the fact that she was raped, and then treated terribly by Athena - it irks me that she’s so often made out to be this horrible creature when in reality she’s the victim of the tale and an extremely sympathetic character. And I agree about Athena - pretty much all of the gods are awful, but she’s always been my least favorite of the bunch.

I think Athena and Zeus are tied for me. Not a big Poseidon fan either.

Medusa is such a tragic figure in the myths where she’s originally a mortal woman. (IIRC older myths have her simply being a gorgon from origin, but I could be mistaken.) Even if you argue that perhaps in some variations she was vain and she consented to Poseidon, it still doesn’t make Athena’s treatment and later Perseus’ treatment of Medusa right.

But in Clash ‘10 she’s so tragic. She ran to the place she thought she’d be safest, to a sanctuary, except she wasn’t safe there and her goddess did nothing for her and instead she was violated in one of the worst ways possible and then left there and when she asked for comfort, SHE’S FUCKING PUNISHED BECAUSE APPARENTLY IT’S HER FAULT SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL SHE TEMPTED POSEIDON INTO NOT GIVING A FUCK IF SHE CONSENTED. And instead of her becoming the poster child of Clash ‘10’s characters proclaiming they need to end the gods’ reign over mortals, she’s nothing but a monster for them to slay (Perseus even says, and I quote, “Don’t look this bitch in the eye.”), and they hunt down this poor woman who wants to be left alone and they slaughter her and use her, the same as Poseidon used her (and then in Wrath, the sequel, Poseidon is shown as a benevolent, kinder figure whose death is treated with sympathy. FUCKING FUCKS BEHIND THESE MOVIES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN GOOD.).