Things I’d like to see more of in media

characters wearing medical alert bracelets

characters taking medication with their meals

characters mentioning that they have a therapy appointment

characters with reminders to eat in their phones/calendars/planners

characters using stim toys

characters asking if an event is accessible

characters using noise cancelling headphones

characters who are disabled all the time, not just when the plot “calls for it”

characters who are disabled all the time, not just when the plot “calls for it”


People who say bi erasure doesn’t happen need to realize Freddie Mercury is know as the most famous homosexual man when he identified himself as bisexual. If that’s not bi erasure I don’t even know.

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  • I would’ve much rather have had Catelyn and Jeyne talking about being political wives and how important it is for Robb to have an heir in the show than Talisa sprawling on Robb’s manly furs with a convenient butt shot to start off the scene.
  • I would’ve much rather had a transferred “knights of summer” type line or reminiscences about Cat’s own wedding or Cat talking with Edmure (DID THEY EVEN HAVE A CONVERSATION IN S3 TOGETHER LIKE WTF!!!!) than Talisa telling Robb about Baby Eddard.
  • Also Baby Eddard just no Benioff and Weiss just no lmaooooo.
  • Also why the hell is TV!Robb stupid enough to bring his pregnant wife into the Twins??? They are well aware how dangerous it is to be inside the Twins (see: the winning the crossing scene) so why in the fuckity fuck is he bringing his wife and unborn heir there?!?!?
  • I would’ve much rather seen Maege and Dacey talking with Catelyn than Talisa and Robb. I would’ve much rather seen Dacey die than pregnant Talisa getting stabbed in the stomach.
  • I would’ve much rather seen a far less Obviously! Crass! And! Badass! Brynden Tully who frankly is just an obnoxious ass to his nephew. Like JESUS, excuse Edmure for being distraught about his father dying, you jerk.
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn be allowed to say her piece at the fucking king in the north scene.
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn been allowed to finish the “My first son and my last” quote because jesus h christ D&D the “and my last” part is what makes it so fucking tragic. Seriously, why did they only have half the fucking line??
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn been allowed to be the voice of prudence and pragmatism in the face of premature celebrating rather than Robb.
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn been allowed to think of treating with Renly rather than Robb.
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn been allowed to be the character through whom we witness and react against unnecessary violence rather than Robb.
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn been given 3 times the screentime in S3 rather than Robb.
  • I would’ve much rather Catelyn than Robb.

David Benioff and Dan Weiss fucked this whole storyline over for me so badly. Why, just why should I appreciate them? What did they ever, in THREE YEARS of this gd show, do for me?

"Dear diary, it’s easy to be brave and it’s easy to be confident. If you look good, if you feel sexy and if you fit in. But that’s not the world I live in. And it’s not just people stare and call me names, that I can’t fit in when we’re together. It’s that I’d rather break up with the man of my dreams than take my clothes off in front of him, than let him touch me, than let him suck me up like I do him. So, Kester might think I’m running away, but he gave me the options. And, in a way, I’m facing my fears, I’m doing the thing I’m most afraid of.”


New York Film Academy’s study of gender inequality in the film industry.

i wish i could reblog this every day until the universe gets it

and i wish one of these existed for race and orientation as well, but *i can’t even imagine* how much worse the stats get from here on down.


here is the problem with “justin bieber is a girl!” jokes

  1. you are turning misgendering someone into a joke. many transgender and nonbinary people have to deal with misgendering on a daily basis. it’s not something to be made light of by anyone but us, and it’s definitely not something acceptable to do to someone else. ever. no matter how much of an asshole they are.
  2. you are implying that if a boy is androgynous or feminine then he is not really a boy. this reenforces restrictive gender roles and the notion that how someone dresses, acts, looks, or sounds is inherently indicative of their gender. it also alienates transboys and other transmasculine people, who, especially if they have not transitioned surgically/hormonally, are unlikely to look as masculine as cisboys/cismen. by saying that a cisboy like jb is too feminine for you to take him seriously as a boy, you are setting the bar impossibly high for many (if not most/all) trans males/transmasculine folk.
  3. you are implying that it is bad for a boy to be feminine, which further implies that being feminine is bad, or that being a girl is bad.
  4. you are implying that it is bad for a boy to be anything other than stereotypically masculine, which, again, upholds restrictive gender roles. many people, even cis people or binary trans people, have androgynous or fluid gender expression, or look/sound androgynous naturally. you are telling those people that their way of being is unacceptable and grounds for them to be treated as the wrong gender.

i understand it’s fun to make fun of this asshole but please don’t do it in a way that belittles people on the basis of femininity, gender identity, or gender expression. thanks


things i have never seen

  • genderbends of the disney princes
  • changing the genders of the princes so the main couple are two women in love
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"there’s literally nothing stopping you [from doing this thing that costs money]"

people with money. only people with money (via daxsymbiont)

traveling the world, “dropping everything” and moving to another city/state/country, majoring in your liberal arts interest of choice, applying/going to your dream college/university, buying your dream house, working at your dream job, cultivating/building/guiding your own dreams, dreaming. living.

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